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Three seals, plus yours.

The entire production is carried out with the indirect method, also called "French process": the raw material zinc, in the form of "matte", coming from the galvanizing process of iron products, is vaporized inside special containers resistant to high temperature. The metallic zinc vapors react with the oxygen in the air to form zinc oxide. The high quality of the final product is guaranteed by laboratory tests and measurements that provide results and analytical checks on both the raw material and the finished product.



Gold Seal quality: the purest, used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, for the production of lubricating oils and different chemical products.


Project Name

The Green Seal grade is for producers of tires and technical rubber items, as well as the ceramics industry for colors and glazes.



Project Name

The Pink Seal grade is used by the ceramic industry in the production of basic castings, technically called "fritte" is produced with a technology developed in ZinCol Oxides, within rotary kilns.




The know-how developed, the financial solidity of the Group and the strong orientation towards innovation have created the conditions for effective collaboration with important university research institutes, through which it is now possible to develop special blends for specific uses.

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