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The Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is an ethical duty we have towards ourselves and the community. In the new plant we have defined precise criteria, structured beyond the current regulations.
It is a simple but precise vision of a factual approach that we want to bring to all levels of production, distribution, and the daily life of our work. A path that has no end point, a commitment that will continue to become more virtuous every day.

  1. Optimization of plant efficiency

  2. Improved product quality

  3. Improved material handling for greater safety and efficiency

  4. Improvement of the impacts on the external and working atmosphere

  5. Raising supplier awareness of environmental management issues

  6. Improving the efficiency of quality and environmental controls

  7. Efficient sorting of waste generated by the business

  8. Attention to environmental and safety requirements related to production and analyzed to prevent pollution, as well as to improve working conditions

  9. Continuous Staff training for a more widespread awareness of the importance that the single action can have in achieving environmental and quality objectives.

  10. Today, not tomorrow

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